Here you'll find a list of the great artists who have performed here with us. You'll see links to their respective websites. We've also included a link to a song that we feel represents them well. Check them out!!


Mc Gowan & Munnelly

HOME - David Munnelly

"Reels"  https://youtu.be/NHYISawoY3c


Daoirí Farrell

DAOIRÍ FARRELL (daoiri.com)

"The Creggan White Hare"   https://youtu.be/7InFLtFXuW8


Jon Kenny

"Bridie's Christening" https://youtu.be/A1u3eRDUYbM

John Spillane

Home - John Spillane

"All The Ways You Wander" https://youtu.be/m5fkNR1O6tY